AfSAE Committees

All our committees are designed to help and engage with the community and membership. Each committee chair is available for the community to contact and voice their concerns, comments, or praises.





Advocacy and Regional activation




  • Identify issues and opportunities for AfSAE to have an impact either nationally, regionally or pan-African.
  • Propose actions, statements, etc for the Board to support


Chair: Mr. Raphael Kuuchi

1. David Mukomana
2. Elizabeth Gitau-Maina



Finance & Sponsorship
  • Consider existing revenue stream enhancements and potential new revenue streams/partners.

Chair: Jeffers Miruka

1. Elizabeth Gitau-Maina
2. David Mukomana



Membership Engagement & Marketing
  • ​​​​​​Evaluate current and/or propose new key messages that resonate with existing and potential new members/stakeholders and ways to reach them, including AfSAE social media platforms.
  • Launch and engage in “community dialogue” using board members to populate the discussions as necessary.

Chair: Mungai Nfi 

1. Raphael Kuuchi

Education & Programming 
  • Support existing programs by recommending topics, speakers and potential partners.
  • Identify new opportunities to  create or leverage new or other platforms to further our Education “pillar” in the Strategic Plan.

Chair: Esmaré Steinhöfel

1. Mungai Nfi