AfSAE Membership

AfSAE Membership Chart V3


Member Categories and Memberships

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Full Membership

Full Members have full access to the AfSAE website, Voting Rights, ability to serve in Officer and Committee Positions and access to unique member only content and resources. 

Available Memberships within the Full Member Category:

Professional Membership - $200USD

For individuals serving associations.  

Student Membership - $35USD

For students aspiring to have a career in association management.

Associate Membership - $250USD

Associate membership is open to any supplier/vendor, facility or consultant to the not for profit community in Africa. Associate members enjoy full privileges with professional association members.

Supporting Membership Category:

Supporting Members have full voting rights and can sit on the AfSAE Board or committees. They also have access to many great online features on the AfSAE site, however their access is slightly limited compared to Full Members.  

Available Memberships in the Support Member Category:

Supporting Professional Membership - $75USD

Basic Professional Membership Category: 

Basic Professional Membership is a free membership that allows for members to have limited access to the AfSAE site. This Membership is great for those looking to see if Full or Supporting Membership is right for them.  Members in this category do not have full website access or the ability to serve on AfSAE volunteer committees. 

Available Memberships in the Basic Member Category: 

Basic Professional Membership - Free