History of AfSAE

For several years an informal group of African Association Executives had gathered during Meetings Africa, under the auspices of the South African National Convention Bureau (SANCB), and talked about the need and desire to connect themselves and build an infrastructure to enable them to stay connected throughout the year.

At Meetings Africa 2015 the topic was brought forward during Association Day to create the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE). The group present enthusiastically agreed and formed an “Establishment Committee” made up of the following individuals:

The AFSAE Establishment Committee

Dr. Olubunmi Owoso, Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa, Kenya 

Ibrahim Bangura, African Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation, Sierra Leone

Jeffers Miruka, African Association of Agricultural Economists, Kenya

Diran Onifade, African Federation of Science Journalists, Nigeria 

Peninnah Kabenge Aligawesa, Federation of Africa University Sports, Uganda 

Chidorum Nwakanma, International Associations of Business Communicators, Nigeria 

George Sunguh, Port Management Association for Eastern and Southern Africa, Kenya 

Dr. Musa Mabandla, South African Neuroscience Society, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Brian Ssennoga, The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, Ghana 

Kelvin Esiasa, Zambian Society for Public Administration, Zambia 

Victoria Lugey, Union of the Catholic African Press, Ghana 

Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe, Union for African Population studies, Ghana 

Natalie Kensley, The Conference Company, Kwa-Zulu Natal 

Gregg Talley, Talley Management Group, Inc., USA

Gary Grimmer, Gaining Edge, Australia 


The role of the Establishment Committee was to explore the possibility and options around the incorporation, formation and management of an AfSAE. The Establishment Committee empowered an Executive Group to work through these issues and report back. The Executive Group included:

 Jeffers Miruka African Association of Agricultural Economists Chair
 Ibrahim Bangura African Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation Secretary
 Peninnah Kabenge Aligawesa Federation of Africa University Sports Treasurer
 Chidorum Nwakanma International Associations of Business Communicators Member
 Kelvin Esiasa Zambian Society for Public Administration Member            
 Brian Ssennoga The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa Member
 Diran Onifade African Federation of Science Journalists Member


The group met by conference call and in person throughout 2015 and reported back to the full Establishment Committee. The conclusion was to formally incorporate in South Africa and launch at the 2016 Meetings Africa. The Memorandum of Incorporation is available on the Members Only section of the website.

At Meetings Africa the Establishment Committee was disbanded and the first Board of Directors was voted into place as a slate by the Association Executives present. Elections and rotation of the Board will commence immediately per the By Laws.