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COVID-19 may inspire (or force) association leaders to go on the job hunt. Candidates and search committees alike will need to adjust.


A ‘groundbreaking’ Phd study into the academic benefits of attending and hosting meetings has been published by convention bureau Wonderful Copenhagen.

From ancient history to ecology, it is estimated that around 300,000 academic events are held every year around the world, engaging millions of individual scholars.


Taking a hard line on reopening your office and setting ambitious productivity goals doesn’t project strength right now. Patience, and small wins, can be a balm for stressed staffers.

Good leadership is supposed to be decisive, but we’re in a moment that makes decisiveness a particular challenge. Associations are eager to get their meetings and events back on track and bring staffers back to ...


Executive Summary

In May 2020, ICCA worked in collaboration with several leading industry bodies
to identify what changes associations have made and intend to make due to
the impact of COVID-19. In particular, the research investigated the recovery
processes and activity undertaken to build more sustainable associations and
ensure their long-term success as well as their ongoing use of ...

In the past years, associations, no matter where they are based, no matter how big or small, have had to face challenges: loss of market share, exponential changes in technology, higher member expectations, increased competition, diverse member markets… not to mention the covid-19 pandemic which have turned – and still is turning – our world upside down. In these troubled times, this edition of ...


Rod Cameron, Executive Director, Joint Meetings Industry Council, writes that the crisis will pass, however long that takes, and as always, our industry will be a critical element in responding to the economic dislocations that will have taken place in the interim.


Four major dairy industry associations in China have formed a set of guidelines for dairy and dairy product consumption for local residents in the hope of strengthening the public's immune health amid the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak.

Member retention is the engine that keeps your organization running... but is your renewal process up to the task?

In this kit, you’ll find ideas and checklists for each stage of a member’s journey to renewal, communication best practices, and email and letter templates to help automate some of those recurring tasks.


If world leaders don’t act in greater unity soon — and this week’s virtual meeting of G20 leaders wasn’t encouraging in that respect — the world could find COVID19′s worst impacts in swarming slums, crowded refugee camps, unresolved conflict zones, and even among some of the largest emerging market economies, like Brazil, South Africa, and India.


I see business leaders going through so much right now amid the uncertainty and chaos. If we all come together, we will come out stronger. The way we lead our teams, companies and families through the next 30 to 60 days will affect the long run of our businesses — and maybe even our economy as a whole.